Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy S24 Ultra, Pixel 7a, Surface Pro 9, and more hot sales!

Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy S24 Ultra, Pixel 7a, Surface Pro 9, and more hot sales!

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Did we or did we not tell you last week to hurry with your Mother’s Day tech shopping in order to avoid reaching that panic buying point in the eleventh hour? Luckily, you still have a couple of weeks left to find the perfect gift for your… imperfect but always caring mom, and if you stop procrastinating, you can save quite a bit of money on some of the best phones, tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds in the world.

We have 20 such products available at heavily discounted prices rounded up for you today, and no matter what you end up choosing, we guarantee both you and your mother (not to mention your accountant) will be more than satisfied with your investment.

Here are three epic deals to rule them all:

Probably the best Android phone out there is on sale at certainly its highest ever discount… again, and while this new Galaxy S24 Ultra deal may feel less special than others because it’s been available before, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will last long or return very soon if it goes away.
Simply put, Samsung’s latest super-flagship is an absolute must-buy today… if you can afford it. If you can’t, the much cheaper Pixel 7a will also do, especially if you happen to be a fan of the “pure Google” software experience and have been left a little underwhelmed by all those recent Pixel 8a rumors and leaks.
The Surface Pro 9 with Intel Core i7 inside and a massive 1TB SSD, meanwhile, is definitely not a tablet for the masses, aiming to replace, nay, crush your conventional Windows laptop with its towering raw power. At a $700 discount, that beast of a 13-inch slate (sans keyboard or stylus) is… hardly affordable, nonetheless attracting the attention of workaholics who want to sell one kidney instead of two in order to buy this thing.

These smartphone promos are the bomb!

powerhouse with some complimentary noise-cancelling Bose earbuds at a hugely reduced price of its own.

The Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy S24+ are not easy to resist either, especially if you want something a little cheaper than the Galaxy S24 Ultra and OnePlus Open but slightly more impressive than Motorola’s Edge Plus flagship from last year.
Then you have the OnePlus 12R value champion at a simply unbeatable discount with a whopping 16GB RAM, and for our most cash-strapped readers, the 4G LTE-only Moto G Stylus from last year at a crazy low price (with a digital pen obviously included). Talk about great options for all budgets!

Check out these four fantastic tablet discounts!

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on that aforementioned Intel Core i7-powered Surface Pro 9? Now you can spend just an arm on the bigger but undeniably humbler Lenovo Tab Extreme, and believe it or not, receive a keyboard, stylus, and a blazing fast charger with your hot new Android tablet.
The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is just as large and even more deeply discounted with its very own S Pen included but no keyboard, while the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Galaxy Tab S8+ are clearly your top budget tablet options today. Yes, we said it, the Tab S8 Plus is a budget-friendly device right now, at least compared to a Surface Pro 9 or iPad Pro.

And how about those smartwatch bargains?

Who needs choice when probably the best Galaxy Watch model in terms of value for money and arguably the greatest Apple Watch version for most iPhone users are both on sale at rare discounts of around 25 percent? 

Of course, Samsung and Apple’s sequels to these bad boys are just a few months away from a commercial debut… and likely at least a year away from hitting such crazy low price points, which only highlights the appeal of the latest Galaxy Watch 6 and Apple Watch Series 9 deals further.

The top earbuds and headphones deals today are also pretty great!

If you’re not that excited about the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, now is definitely the time to get either the Galaxy Buds FE at a 20 percent discount in a single white colorway or the old but gold Galaxy Buds 2 for 33 percent less than usual in three different hues.
Alternatively, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are arguably an amazing option too… if you’re made of money, while the little-known Skullcandy Crusher Evo might just be the best budget wireless headphones you can get after a 50 percent markdown. Are these products right for your mom? That obviously depends, but even if they’re not, you can probably use them and feel quite good about yourself.

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