Google Play Books has four new features

Google Play Books has four new features

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Google announced four important new features coming to its Play Books app. One of the most important benefits for Google Play Books users is the expanded collection of children’s ebooks at no charge and thousands of audiobook previews available via YouTube.

More than 300 non-fiction ebooks for kids are now available at no charge. On top of that, all these books come with the Read & Listen option, which allows readers to hear the entire ebook read out loud while the pages turn automatically.

As mentioned earlier, you can now head to the Google Play Books channel on YouTube to listen to thousands of audiobook previews, at no additional cost. These samples are already available in the Google Play Books store via the Android or iOS apps.

Besides these important benefits, Google rolled out a new “Upcoming” section in the “Library” tab in the Play Books Android app. This is where you’ll be able to see your pre-orders on a calendar that can be filtered based on specific series or authors.

Finally, Google is now offering Reading Rewards digital stickers to kids who are reading books in the Play Books Android app or on Google Kids Space. Various rewards are granted when readers reach a reading goal or milestone. These prizes can be claimed from the Kid Reader toolbar.

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