Amazon is now selling the cheapest iPad Pro with Apple M4 at a $50 discount with no catches

Amazon is now selling the cheapest iPad Pro with Apple M4 at a $50 discount with no catches

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Formally unveiled less than a week ago, Apple’s most impressive tablets to date have yet to be properly released. That’s set to happen this Wednesday, May 15, at the end of a short pre-order period, which made those deals kicked off by Best Buy on Thursday feel pretty special and highly unusual.

Unfortunately, the retailer’s iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 13 (2024) launch promotions remain exclusively open for My Best Buy Plus members, but that’s where Amazon comes in today, offering a $50 discount with no strings attached and no special requirements of any sort.

When we say “a” discount, we do mean that quite literally in this particular case, mind you, as only one version of one of the two new tablets is sold at a reduced price in two different colorways. We’re talking about the smaller 2024 iPad Pro model with an 11-inch Ultra Retina Tandem OLED display in tow, as well as 256 gigs of internal storage space and no 5G connectivity.
This device normally costs $999, so Amazon’s $50 discount amounts to 5 percent slashed off that list price, which doesn’t exactly sound like the deal of a lifetime. But it’s incredibly rare to be able to save… anything on a new Apple product, especially while it’s still on pre-order and especially when talking about something that has the makings of the best tablet in the world.
Powered by a state-of-the-art new Apple M4 processor, this bad boy (and its 13-inch brother) are undoubtedly set to absolutely crush the greatest Android tablets out there in terms of raw performance. Unfortunately, the iPad Pro’s base price still doesn’t include a stylus (let alone a keyboard), but that’s certainly not enough to recommend choosing something like the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus or Tab S9 Ultra over this mind-blowingly powerful 11-incher.

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