Design shakeup? OnePlus 13 and 13R leak hints at distinct looks

Design shakeup? OnePlus 13 and 13R leak hints at distinct looks

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Header image is referential, showcasing the OnePlus 12. | Image credit–PhoneArena

Earlier this year, Chinese company OnePlus rolled out its newest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12, alongside its mid-range counterpart, the OnePlus 12R, to the global market. And while the next generation seems distant, speculation about their successors is already buzzing.

According to a leak from the typically reliable source, Yogesh Brar, an early sketch has surfaced, showcasing the potential designs of the OnePlus 13 and OnePlus 13R. It seems OnePlus might finally be poised to introduce clearer design distinctions between the two smartphones.

While there are some differences between the OnePlus 12 and 12R, especially in terms of what’s under the hood, you’d need to take a closer look to tell them apart.

As shown in the sketch, the OnePlus 13’s camera island might be in the center of the back panel, while the 13R’s might stay on the left but have a square shape. If this happens, it’ll be much easier to tell the two apart, even if you’re unfamiliar with subtle color or branding changes.

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Early design sketches often closely resemble the final product, but it is wise to take this sketch with a grain of salt, especially considering how early it is in the rumor cycle for the upcoming OnePlus 13 phones.

As for what to expect from the phones, we don’t have spec leaks for the OnePlus 13R just yet. However, for the OnePlus 13, previous leaks hint at it featuring the same 6.8-inch 2K LTPO display as its predecessor. Additionally, there’s talk of the OnePlus 13 sporting a micro quad-curved display, possibly aimed at enhancing the phone’s ergonomics for a more comfortable hold.
Unsurprisingly, the OnePlus 13 is expected to house the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset under the hood, as the company has consistently opted for Qualcomm’s flagship chipsets for its flagship phones.

If OnePlus sticks to a launch pattern similar to that of the OnePlus 12, we anticipate the successor to debut in China around December 2024, with the global launch likely following a month later.

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