Future flagships will have Meta’s AI on their Snapdragon chips

Future flagships will have Meta’s AI on their Snapdragon chips

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If you’re on the lookout for your next Android flagship – or if you’re planning to ditch the iPhone and try something different – there’s a high probability that your next handset packs a Snapdragon, a chipset from world-renown semiconductor corporation Qualcomm.

In the not-so-distant future, those who choose to join the Snapdragon team, could end up utilizing Meta’s latest AI model: Llama 3.

Last week, Meta announced that the Llama 3 model is powering the new Meta AI assistant that’s found across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger in some countries across the world.

The Llama 3 model is claimed to possess some impressive reasoning skills and an improved ability to follow instructions.

Now, Qualcomm and Meta have announced a partnership aimed at optimizing the execution of Meta’s Llama 3 directly on smartphones, PCs, VR/AR headsets, vehicles, and more. This collaboration allows the new AI model to run on devices, offering advantages such as improved responsiveness, enhanced privacy, reliability, and personalized experiences for users.

That’s what Durga Malladi, Qualcomm’s senior vice president and general manager of technology, planning and edge solutions, said.

The collaboration aims to democratize access to generative AI capabilities by enabling OEMs and developers to integrate Llama 3 into devices powered by upcoming flagship Snapdragon platforms.

Developers will access resources and tools to optimize Llama 3 on Snapdragon platforms through the Qualcomm AI Hub, which offers approximately 100 optimized AI models.

The iPhone could get AI support from Google

While Android flagships are to get Meta’s AI model built-in thanks to future Snapdragon chips, upcoming iPhones could get an AI boost from… Google.Last month, we told you that Apple is in talks to license Google’s Gemini AI to improve Siri, add new iOS features.

In brief, Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to license its Gemini AI, aiming to enhance Siri and introduce new AI features in iOS 18 (Apple’s new mobile operating system is to be presented in June 2024).

The negotiations between Apple and Google have progressed, but any deal involving Gemini would likely require approval from regulatory agencies due to ongoing investigations into Apple’s existing partnership with Google, which makes Google the default search engine on Safari and reportedly pays Apple nearly $20 billion annually.

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