Google Pixel 9 Series wallpapers leak hinting at color variants and four-device lineup

Google Pixel 9 Series wallpapers leak hinting at color variants and four-device lineup

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Google appears to be taking a vibrant new direction with the wallpapers for its upcoming Pixel 9 series. Leaks have revealed a fresh “Swirling Petals” theme, hinting at color variants and confirming a bold four-device lineup for the flagship series.

As reported by Android Authority, the “Swirling Petals” theme for the Pixel 9 series is a significant departure from the mineral-inspired designs of last year’s Pixel 8 series. The new wallpapers are characterized by a floral and translucent aesthetic. While the colors are not overly saturated, they offer plenty of contrast, adhering to Google’s tradition of providing both light and dark versions of each wallpaper.

One of the most notable revelations from the leak is the expansion of the Pixel 9 series to include four distinct devices: Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and Pixel 9 Pro Fold. This marks a departure from Google’s usual strategy of launching two or three models, and it would be the company’s largest simultaneous device launch to date. While the Pixel 9 Pro Fold was initially expected to launch earlier this year, following the June debut of its predecessor, the inclusion of Google’s Tensor G4 chip suggests a later release alongside the rest of the Pixel 9 series.

The leaked wallpapers also provide some clues about the potential color variants for the Pixel 9 series. The images hint at four color options for the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, aligning with the Pixel 8 series’ color scheme, although the fourth color, “Mint,” wasn’t introduced until later in the Pixel 8‘s lifecycle. The Pixel 9 Pro Fold, on the other hand, may only be available in two color variants.
You can take a peek at the wallpapers below, but note that these are compressed versions. The full-sized wallpapers can be found and downloaded here.

Pixel 9

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Potential Pixel 9 colors: Jade, Obsidian, Peony, Porcelain

Pixel 9 Pro

Potential Pixel 9 Pro colors: Hazel, Obsidian, Porcelain, Rose

Pixel 9 Pro XL

Potential Pixel 9 Pro XL colors: Hazel, Obsidian, Porcelain, Rose

Pixel 9 Pro Fold

Potential Pixel 9 Pro Fold colors: Obsidian and Porcelain (a.k.a. “gold”)

With the Pixel 9 series expected to launch later this year, these leaked wallpapers offer a glimpse into what Google has in store for its next-generation flagship smartphones. The “Swirling Petals” theme, the expanded device lineup, and the possible color variants all suggest that Google is aiming to make a bold statement with the Pixel 9 series.

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