Apple reportedly is in talks with OpenAI and Google over providing support to iOS 18 AI

Apple reportedly is in talks with OpenAI and Google over providing support to iOS 18 AI

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Everyone is wondering what AI features Apple will be announcing at WWDC on June 10th. During the keynote, Apple will be unveiling iOS 18 and as you probably know by now, this update is supposed to be the biggest one in iOS history because of new AI features coming to the operating system. Additionally, Siri is supposedly getting an AI makeover which is something that many iPhone users are excited about.
According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has reopened talks with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to run some of the AI features that will be found in iOS 18. Gurman has said that Apple’s focus with AI on iOS 18 will be to help users handle everyday tasks easier and faster. Even though Apple has reportedly built its own large language models to help run some of iOS 18‘s AI features, today’s report says Apple is interested in creating a “chatbot/search component” with help from OpenAI.

The report also says that Apple remains in talks with Google about licensing the latter’s Gemini AI chatbot for iOS 18. Gurman’s article says that Apple hasn’t made a decision yet about which company’s AI technology to use. He says that Apple could decide to enter into a licensing agreement with both companies or none of them.

This week, Apple released some open-source large language models that are designed to run locally on devices rather than in the cloud. Doing this allows tasks to be completed faster and remain private. The downside to running AI tasks on device is that the user doesn’t get access to more powerful servers that can handle more complex AI algorithms. Because large language models like ChatGPT need to go through the cloud to run on smartphones, Gurman believes that Apple may allow some cloud-based AI features to be allowed on iOS 18 and have them powered by Chat GPT or Google’s Gemini.

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