Next time you contact T-Mobile, you’ll probably be assisted by an employee with ‘superpowers’

Next time you contact T-Mobile, you’ll probably be assisted by an employee with ‘superpowers’

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Almost overnight, AI has become a centerpiece in every major tech company’s strategy and it looks like T-Mobile wants it to become an integral part of its approach to improving and optimizing employee interactions with customers.

According to information received by The Mobile Report, T-Mobile has dubbed its AI tools ‘Superpowers’ and has created them to simply the way frontline employees work.

The first feature is “GenAI Chat” which is capable of providing quick answers to complicated questions. Next is “Promo Genius” which will speed up how employees find deals best suited to a specific customer. These features are for care and retail employees.

The third feature called “Best Action (NBA)” is for retail staff and analyzes customer information to anticipate customer needs and provide real-time recommendations for a personalized customer experience.

As everyone who uses AI chatbots knows, the responses provided by an AI system are only as good as your prompts or your instructions to get the desired response. To ensure its employees get the most out of its tools, T-Mobile is providing them a prompt engineering training.

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T-Mobile also provides examples of situations where an employee may want to use GenAI Chat and how to frame their questions for high-quality responses. 

The report also says that T-Mobile‘s systems are collecting interaction data from other customers as reference points to give advice to employees using the tool. Hopefully, the carrier has measures in place to ensure no one will be able to use prompt hacking to uncover sensitive information that they are not supposed to access.

Other features that T-Mobile has allegedly introduced include Expert Head Start which uses customer data to “assign a next best action for that customer,” and Expert Recap which summarizes calls.

While T-Mobile is billing the new AI tools as ways to simplify employee workload, not everyone within the company is happy about it, with some voicing their concerns in a now-deleted Reddit post.

The reason behind the initial lukewarm response might be this is something that’s new to employees and everything will be smoother once they learn the ropes. Some employees might be apprehensive about these tools out of fear that they might replace some of them.

For customers, the use of these tools would mean faster response times, personalized recommendations, and greater overall satisfaction.

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