You only have one day to get this Apple Watch Series 9 with LTE at a massive $140 discount

You only have one day to get this Apple Watch Series 9 with LTE at a massive $140 discount

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As gracefully as the 2021-released Apple Watch Series 7 may have aged, there’s no question that the Apple Watch Series 9 is the best smartwatch (with a “conventional” design) you can currently get to use in combination with your new or old iPhone.

By no means excessively priced, especially compared to the rugged Apple Watch Ultra 2, this eight month-old or so bad boy with Apple S9 processing power is frequently discounted by the biggest retailers in the US, which can obviously further boost its mass appeal.
Of course, the greatest deals are typically available on premium models made from stainless steel, but the latest Best Buy promotion is actually good for an aluminum variant equipped with cellular connectivity. You only have 24 hours (or less, depending on when you read this) to order the all-midnight 45mm LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 9 with a sport loop at $389 instead of a $529 list price.
If you’re not particularly good at math, we should tell you that equates to a $140 (or 26 percent) discount, which is not entirely unprecedented for an aluminum-built Series 9, but it’s not exactly a frequent occurrence either. In fact, we think we’ve only seen a similar deal offered once before by Amazon, and just like this new Best Buy promo, that one also didn’t last long.
Apart from the aforementioned budget-friendly Series 7 and extravagant Ultra 2, your alternatives to the Apple Watch Series 9 today obviously also include the ultra-affordable Apple Watch SE 2 and even the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra.
But as evidenced in our in-depth review last fall, the Series 9 is just robust, powerful, sharp, bright, and overall feature-packed enough to feel like the best choice for the vast majority of smartwatch buyers (with an iPhone) out there. The blood oxygen sensor is still present and enabled, the ECG monitoring technology as important as ever, and the Double Tap gesture is certainly proving functional and useful enough to set the Apple Watch Series 9 apart from its forerunners.

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