You may soon be able to add YouTube Music as a Google Gemini extension

You may soon be able to add YouTube Music as a Google Gemini extension

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Google’s ongoing efforts to make its AI chatbot, Gemini, a true competitor to ChatGPT are undeniable. Recently, a key area of focus for its development has been the expansion of its capabilities through its extensions (formerly called Bard Extensions). As a consequence, the latest area where Google plans to extend Gemini’s extensions’ prowess in, as revealed by Android Authority, is YouTube Music.Extensions normally give Gemini access to information and functionality across various Google apps and services. With this extension that is currently in development, you’ll be able to seamlessly search for music, build playlists, and explore new artists directly through Gemini.

As an example, imagine asking Gemini to play your workout playlist or to find some relaxing background music. If it does its job, Gemini would then tap directly into your YouTube Music library to fulfill those requests. It’s more than just search, though, as Gemini can learn your preferences over time, suggesting new music or curating radio stations tailored to your taste.

Credit: Android Authority

From the findings of this extension, once activated by AssembleDebug in the Google app (v15.17.28.29.arm64), it looks like it goes beyond simply setting YouTube Music as your default music app. It refines Gemini searches with targeted information from YouTube Music, which seems like a much more integrated approach. Google Workspace users might already be familiar with the concept, as there’s an extension that allows Gemini to summarize documents and emails, just like the Google Maps extension provides geographically relevant information.

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While the YouTube Music extension isn’t live just yet, its current state showing quite a bit of polish already in place, hints that a soon-to-be launch could be imminent. This move speaks to Google’s determination to position Gemini as a leading AI solution. With the current trend of rapidly developing AI-powered chatbots, offering unique and integrated features like this could be a significant differentiating factor for Google’s Gemini.

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