Yet another exceptional deal knocks Google’s Pixel 7 Pro down to yet another record low price

Yet another exceptional deal knocks Google’s Pixel 7 Pro down to yet another record low price

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Released back in the fall of 2022 alongside its non-Pro sibling, the Pixel 7 Pro has almost made more headlines over the last few months than two years ago. That’s primarily thanks to Woot, which refuses to let the once-mighty 6.7-inch powerhouse to die, instead boosting its mass appeal essentially once every couple of weeks or so with better and better deals.

The latest limited-time promotion is undoubtedly the greatest one yet, both in terms of the variety of Pixel 7 Pro models on offer and as far as actual discounts are concerned. Compared to how much the Google Tensor G2-powered handset used to cost back in the day, you’re looking at saving up to 630 bucks right now, which is (unsurprisingly) a new all-time record.

That monumental discount applies to a top-of-the-line 512GB storage variant “typically” priced at $1,100 and currently marked down to as little as $469.99, while those of you willing to settle for a 128 or 256 gig configuration need to pay $399.99 and $439.99 respectively.

Whether you think you have a digital hoarding problem or not, we strongly advise you to mainly consider going for a 512GB option. The other two are simply not affordable enough to be worth the internal storage compromise, unless of course you really need to be careful of every 30 or 80 bucks you spend right now for some reason.

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All of these deeply discounted Pixel 7 Pro units on sale until June 1 (or while supplies last) are brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged, mind you, and they all include full 1-year manufacturer warranties for your long-term peace of mind. If you’d rather do business directly with Amazon than this Amazon-owned e-tailer, the best deal available at the time of this writing is a 512GB variant at over $100 more than Woot.

In other words, Woot is clearly your best route to the greatest savings today, while the Pixel 7 Pro is perhaps not the best Android phone money can buy in 2024 but it’s definitely an absolute value champion at these unbeatable prices with a gorgeous screen, some highly capable cameras, a hefty 12 gigs of RAM, solid battery life, and most importantly, stellar software support.

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