Worst thing about Galaxy Z Fold 6 is glaringly obvious even in leaked dummy unit photos

Worst thing about Galaxy Z Fold 6 is glaringly obvious even in leaked dummy unit photos

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Sometimes it’s not hot to be a foldable phone with a tall and narrow cover screen. Samsung, which makes perfectly good foldable phones, has been on the receiving end of criticism for making devices with barely usable outer screens. The company has had enough and is ready to up the hot quotient with a refined and sleek Galaxy Z Fold 6.We have seen plenty of renders of the phone and now, we can have a better look at the alleged design, thanks to images of dummy units that were apparently shared on a South Korean forum and reposted on X by @ta__tech.

Right off the bat, it can be seen that the cover screen has grown noticeably wider and the phone’s rounder corners have been replaced with sharp, angular edges. The phone’s hinge is barely visible, indicating Samsung has reduced its size greatly.

As for the internal screen, it also seems to have taken on a different personality. The phone’s side rails have been squared off and it also looks wider and shorter, which is not surprising, considering in its unfolded state, the phone reportedly measures 153.5mm x 132.5mm mm. For reference, the Fold 5 is 154.9mm tall and 129.9mm wide.

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To keep things real, the dummy unit made no efforts to hide the crease that’s expected to grace the Fold 6 and while it may look unsightly, the reassuring news is that it will be lighter when compared to the Fold 5.

The mockup unit doesn’t show all the rumored changes. For instance, the Fold 6 is expected to have redesigned camera modules and it’s also likely to be a smidge slimmer and lighter.

We obviously have no direct insight into Samsung’s release timeline, but a recent leak says that it will be released on July 24. Some leaks hint that it will be pricier than the Fold 5.

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