WhatsApp working on enhancing the drawing editor with an upcoming color chooser feature

WhatsApp working on enhancing the drawing editor with an upcoming color chooser feature

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is continuously testing potential features to improve user experience. In a recent beta update for Android (version available on the Google Play Store, we get a sneak peek into an exciting new feature that’s set to enhance the app’s photo and video editing capabilities.

This latest feature builds upon a previous update ( that introduced a redesigned drawing editor. This revamp focused on user-friendliness by relocating the brush and color tools to a bottom bar for easier access, particularly on larger screens. Now, WhatsApp is taking another step forward by working on a color chooser tool that will be integrated into the drawing editor in a future update.As noted by WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp updates while still in their beta stages, this innovative tool will empower users to select a specific color directly from the image they are editing. This means that users will no longer be constrained by the current selection of 24 preset colors. Instead, they can tap into the full spectrum of colors present within the image itself, enabling precise color matching and coordination.

Credit: WABetaInfo

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The potential benefits of this feature could be great. Imagine being able to perfectly match the color of a flower in a photo to the text you overlay on it, or seamlessly blending the colors of a sunset into a drawing. This level of customization will unlock new creative possibilities for users, allowing them to craft visually stunning and personalized content.

The color chooser feature is particularly exciting for those who use WhatsApp’s status feature to share visual updates with their friends. With this tool, users can create more polished and aesthetically pleasing status updates that truly reflect their individual style. Whether it’s adding a splash of color to a selfie or creating a themed status with perfectly coordinated elements, the color chooser will give users the tools to express themselves visually.

While the color chooser is still under development and not yet available to the general public, it is expected to roll out in a future update of the app.

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