WhatsApp rolls out new features for Communities and groups

WhatsApp rolls out new features for Communities and groups

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WhatsApp has just announced a new set of features coming to Communities, which are meant to offer users new ways to organize events on its app. The most important change included in the new update is the addition of organized replies in Announcement Groups, allowing WhatsApp users to reply to important updates from admins.All the replies are grouped together and minimized so admins can see what others have said in context. Besides that, notifications are muted for everyone.

With the latest version of WhatsApp, users can create events that others can respond to, so the entire group knows who is coming to that event. Furthermore, guests can also find the event in the group’s information page. They will be notified if they plan to attend when the event is getting close.

WhatsApp announced that for the time being, events are coming to groups that belong to a Community, but the feature will be rolled out to all groups over the coming months.

Although these are all the new features coming to WhatsApp in this update, the social app said we should expect new features to be rolled out to Communities and groups over the next few months.

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