Weekly deals roundup: Get your hot new discounts on the Pixel 7a, OnePlus 12R, and many more!

Weekly deals roundup: Get your hot new discounts on the Pixel 7a, OnePlus 12R, and many more!

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Don’t want to wait too long and end up without a good Mother’s Day gift this year? Thinking of spoiling yourself for no special reason with a new phone, tablet, smartwatch, or headphones sans breaking the bank? Don’t have the time to search high and low for the best mobile tech deals available as the weekend kicks off?
Fret not, as that’s exactly what we’re here for, and even though Mother’s Day and all similar holidays and special occasions are still pretty distant, our latest collection of bargains and steals is just as impressive as most previous weekly deals roundups

Of course, that doesn’t make today’s list in any way forgettable or overly repetitive, and no matter your budget, we’re extremely confident you’ll be able to find something to your liking in the following lines (and widgets).

Three extraordinary deals to rule them all!

If you’re a hardcore Google fan on a tight budget and simply can’t explain why you’re not feeling that much excitement for the impending arrival of the Pixel 8a mid-ranger, this massive new Pixel 7a discount might be to “blame.” Released around this time last year, that continues to be one of the best budget 5G phones out there, and if you hurry, you can get the Tensor G2-powered 6.1-incher at a lower-than-ever price with no strings attached.
If you can afford to spend an extra 180 bucks, you’re likely to find the newer and significantly more powerful OnePlus 12R even harder to resist at a seemingly small but totally unprecedented $70 discount of its own in a top-of-the-line configuration with 256GB storage and a whopping 16GB RAM.
This week’s top three is completed by a high-end Android tablet from a couple of years ago that we truly cannot believe is still available at its record high markdown of $350. The Galaxy Tab S8+ is of course not as good as a Tab S9+ or a 2022-released iPad Pro, but it’s just affordable enough for that to no longer matter much to a prospective buyer on a budget.

How about these six other top smartphone offers?

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level Motorola handset (with a huge battery) or a huge Google foldable (with all the best specs in the world), we’ve got you covered this week with a very eclectic group of deeply discounted phones.
And yes, we realize that the Moto G Power 5G (2024) is a thing, but its 2023 predecessor arguably offers better value at $100 under its $300 list price. The Galaxy A35 5G, meanwhile, is a decidedly 2024 affair… that Samsung literally just brought to the US yesterday, and believe it or not, Amazon is already running a very sweet bundle deal on the mid-ranger for a presumably limited time.
Then you’ve got the Motorola Edge+ (2023) flagship at an unbeatable price… for folks unwilling to wait and see when the Edge+ (2024) inevitably arrives stateside, as well as the even more impressive Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 Pro at decent discounts of their own. That’s a pretty tough choice, but it’s the good kind of tough.

And here are five awesome tablet deals!

Are you impressed by the Galaxy Tab S8+ at the top of our article but want to keep your tablet spending a little lower? All five of these mid-range, high-end, and high-end-ish Android soldiers are currently cheaper, fetching anywhere between 330 bucks (with a $100 gift card included) and five Benjamins and promising to deliver outstanding value across the board.

Gun to our head, we’d probably pick the 256GB Galaxy Tab S9 FE as our absolute value champion right now at a tremendous $150 discount, although you will definitely be satisfied if you choose the Tab S6 Lite (2024), OnePlus Pad, non-Plus Tab S8, or 256GB Pixel Tablet at their latest special prices as well.

These are the top two smartwatch bargains of this week

Are two deals enough to make all bargain-hunting smartwatch shoppers happy right now? Probably not, although the two devices on special sale at Amazon at the time of this writing are without a doubt among the best smartwatches in the world, at least from a value standpoint.
Yes, the first-gen Pixel Watch has its fair share of flaws (many of which can’t be fixed with software updates), and no, the “standard” Galaxy Watch 6 doesn’t come with a handy rotating bezel or the super-premium design of its Classic brother. But the bang for buck is still overwhelming with these two, and if you like low-cost Wear OS devices, you might as well make your decision and pull the trigger today.

Let’s wrap it all up with some nice and cheap earbuds and headphones!

Whether you like your headphones small enough that they fit snuggly in your ears or large enough that they threaten to crush your skull with some powerful beats, this short but very nice list of wireless audio bargains probably contains everything you need to be happy with your next purchase.

The high-end over-ear Studio Pro are about as affordable as we expect the mid-range Solo 4 to be at launch in the near future, which is undeniably cool, while the second-gen non-Pro AirPods and the Jabra Elite 4 Active each come with their own key strengths (and a couple of weaknesses) for iOS and Android enthusiasts respectively.

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