Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy Z Fold 5, iPad Air (2022), Galaxy Buds FE, and more huge savings

Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy Z Fold 5, iPad Air (2022), Galaxy Buds FE, and more huge savings

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Another weekend is upon us, and those of you who’ve been following our little website here for more than a couple of weeks probably know exactly what that means. Yes, our dear bargain-hunting readers, the time has come (once again) to save big on some of the best phones, tablets, smartwatches, earbuds, headphones, and speakers out there.

With Memorial Day behind us and Samsung’s huge Discover Summer sale firmly in the rearview mirror as well, you might be expecting this week’s collection of mobile tech deals and steals to be considerably humbler than usual. But that’s only if you’ve forgotten all about Father’s Day, which is essentially right around the corner.

Hopefully, you still have… something in your bank account to show your dad that he matters as much to you (or at least close enough) as your mom, and if you need an idea for a kick-ass gift right now, we have you covered with about two dozen of those in the following lines.

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These are this week’s top three deals

It’s not every week that we manage to put together such a diverse and exquisite top three group, and of course, the reason for that is pretty simple. It’s incredibly rare to see one of the best foldable phones in the world, one of the greatest tablets money can buy today, and a top wireless earbuds option steeply discounted at a major retailer like Amazon with no special conditions and no strings attached whatsoever.
Granted, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 has actually been available at an even lower price very recently, but the same cannot be said about Apple’s previous-generation 10.9-inch iPad Air with 256GB storage, which is now as cheap as it’s ever been. And then you have the always affordable noise-cancelling Samsung Galaxy Buds FE at a fairly substantial discount… when all is said and done. 

Don’t go away before looking at these outstanding smartphone offers too!

Have you already found everything you needed to start your summer on the right foot in our little headlining section above? Well, what about a budget 5G phone at a lower-than-ever price? Or perhaps an affordable foldable is exactly what your father is looking for to stay hip and connected to the latest industry trends.

We actually have two different Motorola foldables for you to consider at pretty much unbeatable discounts, as well as two ultra-affordable non-foldable Moto handsets that are perhaps not hugely marked down but only because they’re extremely fresh and surprisingly well-balanced already.

The powerful OnePlus 12R is definitely not to be ignored at $70 under its list price with a whopping 16GB RAM either, and the same goes for the “vanilla” Galaxy S24, which has somehow remained the only member of Samsung’s latest ultra-high-end smartphone family sold at a decent discount by Amazon. Finally, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 targets hardcore Samsung fans and general foldable enthusiasts who think opting for a Razr or Razr Plus would mean “settling” for a less-than-perfect Android clamshell.

How do you like them tablet bargains?

This writer personally loves budget Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ and Lenovo Tab P12, and when the opportunity arises to get an affordable slate alongside a stylus and keyboard at a special price, saying no almost doesn’t feel like an option.
Unless, of course, you want something faster, newer, and trendier, in which case you’ll be delighted to know that both Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro powerhouse and Apple’s hugely upgraded new iPad Pros and iPad Airs are on sale at cool little discounts in various models and configurations.

The Surface Pro 9 is also worth taking into consideration at a huge $300 discount, especially since we’re dealing with a “clearance” sale there, which means that the device could go out of stock for good at Best Buy any day now… after already disappearing from Microsoft’s official US e-store.

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Our top smartwatch offers are all about quality rather than quantity

Although the smartwatch market is pretty crowded and competitive in this day and age, we’ve only managed to find two deals good enough to be included in our roundup this week. Of course, that might be because Best Buy’s $250 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro discount is simply too bonkers to be matched or rivaled by anything else on the market today.

That includes Amazon’s latest Garmin Forerunner 945 promotion, which is also pretty good but just not as great as the other deal in this category today. Unless you’re serious about your running and triathlon training, in which case Garmin is always a better option than Samsung.

These amazing wireless audio deals and steals may not last long!

We’ve got another great pair of wireless earbuds equipped with top-notch active noise cancellation, some recently released over-ear headphones with a middling list of features that still includes super-premium spatial audio support, and a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers pretty much unrivaled sound to end your week on a high note.
The Sonos Move 2 is currently on sale at a new record low price, mind you, Apple’s Beats Solo 4 have never been cheaper than right now, while the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have… actually been discounted way more deeply a number of times before, rarely scoring such hefty discounts in a US version with a full 1-year Samsung warranty however. In short, these are unmissable deals likely to go away really soon, so if you, your father, or your partner are into wireless audio, now’s definitely the time to pull the trigger and save big.

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