Vivo exec shares images taken by the vivo X100 Ultra’s 200MP telephoto camera

Vivo exec shares images taken by the vivo X100 Ultra’s 200MP telephoto camera

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The vivo X100 Ultra sports a 50MP primary camera that uses Sony’s Sony LYT-900 sensor. Jia Jingdong, vivo’s Vice President, says that the camera has the most advanced anti-shake technology and in real-time it can correct “tiny hand-shakes.” Discussing this technology on his Weibo page, the vivo executive says via machine translation, “It provides high-speed anti-shake compensation through lens or photosensitive element displacement. It is a leap-forward development of combined OIS (optical) EIS (electronic) anti-shake.”

The phone will also feature a 200MP telephoto camera backed by Samsung’s HP9 image sensor. The telephoto camera also comes with anti-shake technology and vivo’s vice president says that the “mico-gimbal” of the telephoto camera can capture fast racing cars. We should point out that the vivo X100 series cameras use ZEISS optics.The 200MP telephoto lens employs ZEISS’ APO super telephoto technology.

Jia notes that “APO means Apochromatic (full color correction). It is the world’s strongest chromatic aberration correction telephoto lens, enhancing clarity and sharpness, restoring natural colors, and making 0.2 billion pixels (200MP) a real 0.2 billion (200MP).” The handset also is equipped with a 50MP wide-angle lens that uses vivo’s most advanced AI image algorithms.

On his personal Weibo page, vivo’s VP includes several photographs taken with the 200MP telephoto camera on the vivo X100 Ultra. They are bright, sharp, and vivid. As you can see, many of the innovations in the smartphone industry, especially when it comes to batteries (with advancements in battery life and fast charging) and photography, are coming from Chinese phone manufacturers.

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