Verizon’s Visible introduces annual plans with discounts up to 26%

Verizon’s Visible introduces annual plans with discounts up to 26%

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Verizon‘s digital Visible wireless service allows you to manage your account, buy devices, and contact reps through the Visible app or website. You don’t have to visit a Visible store (there are none) and you get access to Verizon‘s wireless network. Visible offers two different plans, one is $25/month per line, and the other service, Visible+, is $45/month per line. While both offer unlimited talk, text, and data, the latter plan includes support for Verizon‘s faster mid-band 5G Ultra Wideband service while the former supports the slower low-band 5G Nationwide service.

The big news today is that Visible is offering subscribers a discount if they pay for a year of service in advance. For example, pay for a full year of the Visible+ $45/month plan and you’ll pay only $395 per line. That is a savings of $145 or 26%.

If you pay for a year of service from the Visible plan, the cost will be $275 per line. This makes it one of the lowest prices for unlimited in the industry, according to Visible. That works out to a $25 or 8.3% savings.

New Visible subscribers can take advantage of the annual plans starting today. Existing Visible customers will be able to take advantage of the annual plans starting next month.

Visible+ gives users 50GB per month of premium 5G and 4G LTE data when 5G Ultra Wideband is not available. This means that this data cannot be throttled due to heavy network traffic. 5G Ultra Wideband streams are up to 10x faster than 4G LTE and usually 5G & 4G LTE download speeds are in a range of 9-149Mbps. Video streams in SD. Visible+ also includes support for a smartwatch. Hotspot data speeds are 10Mbps.

The Visible+ plan includes unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. In Mexico and Canada, you get unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data per day. Subscribers can make calls to over 30 countries with unlimited texting available to more than 200+.

If you know you’re going to stick with Visible for the next year, it certainly pays to take advantage of the new annual plans.

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