Verizon is throwing free TVs left, right, and center at buyers of ‘select’ 5G phones

Verizon is throwing free TVs left, right, and center at buyers of ‘select’ 5G phones

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Whether you claimed a Black Friday 2023 deal (or ten) or not, you probably don’t remember much about the “incredible” (read generally boring and repetitive) holiday discounts US retailers and carriers offered just six months ago. But if there’s one promotion that has lingered in our memory since then, it’s definitely the free 50-inch TV T-Mobile threw at its customers with very few strings attached.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 are obviously not around the corner yet, Verizon is here today to basically one-up its arch-rival. That’s right, Big Red is now giving its subscribers their very own chance to nab a TV at no charge, and believe it or not, Verizon‘s new freebie is even bigger than T-Mobile‘s (literally).

We’re talking about a 65-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 4K set that normally costs a whopping $799.99 by itself, and all you need to do to qualify for this somewhat random new spring promo is purchase a “select” 5G smartphone with a new line of Unlimited Ultimate or Unlimited Plus service.

That means both new and existing Verizon users can get this incredibly valuable gift with minimal effort, which includes an obligatory mobile device payment plan and at least 30 days of uninterrupted wireless service. Once those (minimal) conditions are met, you have another 60 days to actually redeem the offer on using the information your carrier will deliver by e-mail shortly after you make your eligible handset purchase.

As for exactly what phones you need to buy to get your free TV, we’re afraid we don’t have an exhaustive list for you at this time. After manually checking a few different models on Verizon‘s website, we’ve been able to confirm that the Galaxy S24, iPhone 14, and Pixel 8 are all part of the fun. That obviously means you can score your $800-worth gift by ordering a member of the iPhone 15 family, the S24 Plus, S24 Ultra, and Pixel 8 Pro as well.
That’s basically all the best phones in the world right now, so this really looks like an unmissable deal if you’re in the market for a new mobile device and think you could use a free TV (who wouldn’t?). You’ll have to hurry, though, as the offer appears to have debuted with little to no fanfare on March 30, going away at the end of April. That’s ten days (and counting) at the time of this writing.

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