Unknown Google branded watch shows up in FCC filing, likely not the Pixel Watch 3

Unknown Google branded watch shows up in FCC filing, likely not the Pixel Watch 3

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Google seems to be working on a new smartwatch powered by Wear OS, and details of the device have surfaced in a recent FCC (Federal Communications Commission) listing. While the device in the listing doesn’t seem to be the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 3, it leaves us curious about what Google has in store. This news arrives via 9to5Google after spotting the FCC device listing today, adding yet another device to Google’s rumored lineup of new devices debuting this year.

It was recently rumored that Google intends to release the Pixel Watch 3 in two different sizes, likely alongside the Pixel 9 series phones in the fall. Additionally, APK breakdowns have revealed that Google is preparing to use UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology in the Pixel Watch 3, making unlocking your phone with your watch even easier.However, the smartwatch featured in this recent FCC filing, referred to as model number G4SKY, doesn’t seem to have UWB capabilities. This alone makes it unlikely to be the Pixel Watch 3. Additionally, since the Pixel Watch 3 isn’t expected until later in the year, its FCC listing wouldn’t appear this early.

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So then, the question remains what this mystery Wear OS device could be. One possibility, though unlikely, is a mid-range version of the Pixel Watch. Perhaps a “Pixel Watch 2a,” if you will, as has been speculated. If that is the case, it could be Google’s plan to launch this watch alongside the Pixel 8a, which is expected to be announced at Google I/O next month. 

Another possibility could be that this isn’t a Pixel watch at all, but rather a Fitbit device instead. Still, considering Google’s history with hardware leaks, and considering no one has seen or heard about such a device, the plot surrounding this new device thickens.

The good news is that we will likely find out what this new device is during Google I/O. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, it will be extremely difficult for Google to keep leaks or rumors surrounding it hidden for much longer. I am all for a Pixel Watch 2a to be added to the Pixel A-line and thus compete with lower priced smartwatches from other brands.

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