Tracking your kids’ devices to become easier with Google’s Find My Device app

Tracking your kids’ devices to become easier with Google’s Find My Device app

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Back in April, Google’s Find My Device network finally made its debut, but it entered the scene with only basic features and a slow rollout. However, there is excitement brewing as Google seems poised to jazz up the network with some nifty additions, including a new tab just for connected family devices.

The latest update to Find My Device allows you to track family devices

Recently, the latest version of the Find My Device app has been dissected, revealing a new Family Devices tab. With it, you can easily track the whereabouts of devices linked to your Google account through Family Link without them getting lost in the shuffle among your personal devices.

While it might seem like a minor adjustment, in the broader context, it shows how committed Google is to making Find My Device a dependable tracking system. For parents, it might just be a breath of fresh air, bringing all their kids’ gadgets under one roof alongside their own arsenal of tech gadgets – no more frantic flipping through various tabs in the Family Link app.

The latest update for Find My Device is apparently making its way to devices now, and it appears to be activated by default.

With about 4 billion folks using Android phones (nearly half the world’s population), it is a relief to see the Find My Device network finally up and running. And it is good that Google is putting effort into making it even more helpful because, let’s face it, losing your phone or gadget totally stinks, and it can happen to the best of us.

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