Towering new deal pairs the deeply discounted Motorola Edge+ (2023) with free Moto Buds+

Towering new deal pairs the deeply discounted Motorola Edge+ (2023) with free Moto Buds+

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Is there such a thing as too many deals for just one phone? Of course not. Because even though the Motorola Edge+ (2023) has been sold at a hefty $200 discount more often than not in recent months, the manufacturer of the undeniably stylish 6.67-inch handset with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor under its hood has just found a new way to improve this bad boy’s value proposition even further.

Yes, you can once again pay a reasonable $599.99 instead of $799.99 for the one and only 512GB storage variant of this distinctly curvy device with unlocked support for all major US carriers, but this time around, you’re also getting a nice pair of Moto Buds+ included in that massively reduced price.
Those are probably not the best wireless earbuds money can buy in 2024, but they normally cost $129.99 by themselves, bringing your current savings up to a grand total of 330 bucks. Not a bad bundle deal for a dad, grad, or… anyone else who can appreciate a great Android phone with a large and beautiful OLED display capable of refreshing your Full HD content at a top-notch 165Hz rate.
At $599.99 (not counting its $130-worth freebie), the Motorola Edge Plus goes up against the likes of Google’s “vanilla” Pixel 8 rather than the jumbo-sized Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung’s state-of-the-art Galaxy S24 Ultra, or even the “regular” Galaxy S24.
That should make it easy for prospective buyers on a relatively tight budget to overlook the aforementioned use of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is no longer the cream of Qualcomm’s Android SoC crop. The Edge+ (2023) positively shines in both the battery size and charging technology departments, with 5,100mAh and 68W speeds respectively, and the 50 + 12 + 50MP triple rear-facing camera system is definitely no pushover either.
That brings us to a pretty much unrivaled single 60MP selfie snapper, which arguably puts the cherry on top of a remarkable value cake right now. And yes, we realize that the Edge (2024) is mere days away from its official US release, but that’s a non-Plus model with a middling Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor inside that’s inexplicably set to cost just 50 bucks less than the Edge+ (2023) today (with no deal sweeteners included).

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