Threads rolls out the ability to hide chosen words, phrases, and emojis throughout the app

Threads rolls out the ability to hide chosen words, phrases, and emojis throughout the app

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Threads has been on a roll lately, adding new features to enhance the user experience. Following the addition of a test for an option to archive your posts, Threads has introduced today a few new features specifically focused on letting you curate what kind of content shows up in your feed and interactions.

The biggest change is an upgrade to Threads’ “Hidden Words” feature. Up until recently, this tool allowed you to block certain words, phrases, and emojis from appearing in replies specifically aimed at your posts.

Now, according to Threads, the Hidden Words list will work across the entire app. This means those filtered terms won’t show up in your general feed, search results, profiles, or replies. This was announced by both Instagram boss Adam Mosseri and the official Threads handle via their respective accounts in the app.

You can manage your chosen hidden words by navigating to your Threads app’s Settings  > Privacy > Hidden Words. Once there, you can create or edit your custom list at any time. This feature should be now live for all users.

Threads continues to develop new ways to customize your experience and testing the resulting features promptly with the community. As stated by Mosseri, Threads is also currently testing options to limit who can quote you and turn off notifications on individual posts.

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These features are designed to help ensure Threads remains a pleasant place for conversations, which is definitely welcomed. However, some highly requested features, such as direct messages, are still missing from the platform and holding users back from making Threads their go-to social network. As the company continues to experiment with its algorithm and implementing more creative ways of leveling up the app, there’s little doubt that Threads won’t continue to grow within the social space.

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