Threads is widely rolling out the Tweetdeck-like multi-column layout known as “ThreadsDeck”

Threads is widely rolling out the Tweetdeck-like multi-column layout known as “ThreadsDeck”

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Meta, the parent company for the social platform we know as Threads by Instagram, just rolled out a very helpful new feature for their web version that’s sure to make a lot of users happy. It’s a column view, kind of like what Tweetdeck has, and it’s designed to make your Threads experience way more personalized and efficient. This layout has become affectionately known by Threads users as “ThreadsDeck.”Now, you can pin up to a hundred different feeds to your Threads homepage, which is an amount of feeds I can’t even fathom following. This means you can have columns for specific topics you’re interested in, accounts you love, or even just search terms you want to keep an eye on. And the best part? Each column can automatically update, so you’ll never miss the latest posts from your favorite people or topics.This new layout also tackles some of the issues users have had with the “for you” algorithm on Threads, which sometimes shows you older posts or stuff from accounts you don’t even follow. The column view won’t get rid of the “for you” feed entirely, but it makes it much easier to focus on what you actually want to see by putting your “following” feed and other custom columns front and center.
Another big win is that you can see way more posts at once, making it much easier to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in real-time. Plus, it puts the “recent” search filter and trending topics right where you can see them, so finding the latest news and trends is a breeze.

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Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, seems pretty excited about this new feature, too. He shared on Threads that they’re rolling it out globally, and that they have a bunch of other great ideas in the works to make Threads even better. He even asked users for suggestions, so if you’ve got any, now’s the time to speak up.

This update follows a short testing period and is just one of the many ways Meta is constantly trying to improve Threads based on what users want. It’s a pretty big step forward, especially for those of us who use Threads on the web, and it shows that they’re listening to our feedback and working hard to make Threads the best it can be.

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