Threads is testing the option to archive your posts

Threads is testing the option to archive your posts

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In a recent update by the Head of Threads and Instagram, Adam Mosseri, it was shared that Instagram’s Threads app is testing a new feature. The feature might become extremely useful for those looking to present a more decluttered and organized view of their own feed.

The update allows users to archive their own posts. This means users can hide these posts from their own feeds, giving them the opportunity to curate what they want displayed but still having the posts accessible if the user needs to revisit or resurface it at some point.

There are two ways to archive chats: manually or by setting an auto-archive timer. With auto-archive, posts will disappear from a profile after a set period of time, but not to worry, as they’re not gone forever. Users can easily make them public again by unarchiving them.

In the post announcing the test, Mosseri shared that this feature will be a choice and not the default behavior for posts. This decision came about after running a poll where the majority of participants indicated they wanted this to be an optional feature.

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The new feature has received mixed reactions. Some users are excited about the ability to hide posts they don’t want displayed all the time. Others, however, are concerned that archiving posts could make it easier for people to avoid accountability for things posted in the past. Furthermore, there are concerns about what happens when a post is embedded on a webpage using the embed code provided by Threads, but then it’s archived. In this case, we suppose the results would be the same as if someone were to delete the post, with the embed code no longer shows the post.

Threads users also reacted to the announcement by questioning why this feature was needed at all. Many prefer other more functional features to be prioritized, such as chronological search results (which is already being tested) and direct messages.┬áThis new feature is currently being tested by a limited group of users, and it’s not yet clear when it will be rolled out to everyone.

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