Those two best pals, iPhone and Pixel, are at it again attending Coachella in timely new ad

Those two best pals, iPhone and Pixel, are at it again attending Coachella in timely new ad

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen those two besties, iPhone and Pixel, share one of their great adventures in an advertisement created by Google. It turns out that both phones have been attending Coachella and while the ad doesn’t mention it, we’re sure that the two were in the audience watching Doja Cat do her thing. When the ad begins, it is a sunny California day and iPhone is wearing a big floppy hat, a couple of neon necklaces, and a shirt with fringes at the bottom. Pixel is wearing nothing out of the ordinary, not even a case.
iPhone tells Pixel that it is important to show everyone that he is at Coachella and asks Pixel to take a picture of him at sunset on the Coachella lawn. Pixel agrees to do this and iPhone adds that he wants to be seen jumping in the photo. By the time the best friends agree on who is going to count down, night has fallen at Coachella and Pixel takes the photograph. But there is one problem. iPhone forgot to jump.

Before iPhone asks whether Pixel can take another photo with iPhone jumping, Pixel says, “You’re so silly. You always forgot I have AI-powered features like Magic Editor which means I can move you around in a photo and even replace the sky.” “That’s epic,” replies iPhone, “Look at that Sunset.” Pixel wants to know if iPhone will post the picture to which he replies, “Coachell-YEAH.”

Google then informs us that the Pixel 8 series is the first phone with the Magic Editor which takes on-device photo editing to a new level. You can move around people, pets, and other items, and change the color of the sky. 
This ad is extremely timely, and not just because of the reference to  Coachella. Starting on May 15th, you won’t have to be a Pixel user to use Magic Editor. Android devices running Android 8 or higher, and even iPhone models with iOS 15 or higher installed will be able to save as many as 10 Magic Editor photos per month. The Google Photos app must be downloaded on the Android or iOS phone being used. If you have any Pixel phone, you will get the Magic Editor and can save as many pictures as you’d like using the Magic Editor.

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