This sweet new Pixel Watch 2 deal makes the LTE version cheaper than ever before

This sweet new Pixel Watch 2 deal makes the LTE version cheaper than ever before

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If you’re a hardcore Google fan looking for the best smartwatch to pair with your new or old Android phone, your choice seems to be an absolute no-brainer today. While the first-gen Pixel Watch has been deeply discounted for quite some time now, the right decision for a smart buyer was to wait for a new Pixel Watch 2 deal, which is what you can currently get at Amazon and other major US retailers.

We’re not talking about just any Pixel Watch 2 discount either, but a rare $50 slashed off the second-gen “pure Google” smartwatch in an entry-level Wi-Fi-only variant and a totally unprecedented 70 bucks knocked down from the $399.99 list price of an LTE-enabled model.
These deals are good across all colorways as far as both of those variants are concerned, and as evidenced in our in-depth Pixel Watch 2 review last year, this is a much better device than its deeply flawed predecessor. Is it perfect? Far from it.

But the battery life is… not terrible for a Wear OS timepiece, the design is a total gem, the heart rate tracking as accurate as all the other best smartwatches today provide, and the overall system performance satisfying (at the very least) for any and all types of users.

Of course, a Pixel Watch 3 with further advancements in the speed, health monitoring, and possibly even battery life departments is unsurprisingly right around the corner, but until we see that model released, this “old” one remains mighty hard to turn down at these very cool discounts of up to $70.
If you’re an Android smartphone user open to all brands and companies, you may also be inclined to consider Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic as top-tier alternatives to the Pixel Watch 2. But the premium Classic model is a lot pricier right now, while the “vanilla” Watch 6 is arguably not as good-looking. So, yeah, we’re sticking with our recommendation here, at least for the time being.

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