This ‘factory reconditioned’ Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is too darn affordable to be ignored

This ‘factory reconditioned’ Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is too darn affordable to be ignored

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If you don’t like to buy anything other than brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged gadgets but at the same time don’t want to spend a small fortune on your next high-end Android tablet, you might be facing a very difficult choice today. That’s because Woot is selling a factory reconditioned 256GB Galaxy Tab S9 at an extremely palatable price of $617.40 for a limited time.

That’s obviously not the same thing as purchasing this 11-inch Samsung powerhouse in an all-new condition from a retailer like Amazon, with your manufacturer warranty reduced from a whole year to just 90 days and possible signs of wear and tear that Woot is oddly not detailing in any way.

In terms of functionality, there should be no notable difference between these deeply discounted units and the ones typically costing $919.99 a pop… which Amazon just so happens to be selling at a humbler but also very interesting $170 less than usual right now in a beige colorway only.

If you’ll choose to maximize your savings at Woot rather than minimize your risks and inconveniences at Amazon, you’ll actually have to go for a graphite hue, and because this is a 256GB storage variant we’re talking about here, you’ll also get a very generous and very useful 12 gigs of RAM for heavy multitasking.

Your $617.40 will get you a nice and handy S Pen as well, but unfortunately, you’ll need to make do without a power brick in the tablet’s (possibly damaged) box. The Tab S9 is equipped with support for blazing fast 45W charging, mind you, which is just one of the many things that impressed us a fair bit when we comprehensively reviewed the Android-based mobile computing machine last year.
Powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, this is probably not a 2024 iPad Pro or even 2024 iPad Air-level screamer, but it can still get most day-to-day jobs done without showing signs of fatigue at every step. Oh, and did we mention the 5.9mm wasp waist and 498-gram weight? What about the ultra-premium metal-and-glass construction? And let’s not forget about that huge 8,400mAh battery that somehow squeezes into this amazingly thin and light package.

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