This dreamlike Edge+ (2022) deal is still up for grabs at Amazon

This dreamlike Edge+ (2022) deal is still up for grabs at Amazon

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A few weeks ago, we shared an irresistible Edge+ (2022) deal at Amazon. It would let you get the flagship-grade phone for less than $300. And, while we didn’t think the promo would remain up for grabs for long, it’s still very active today. In other words, you can still save $119 on this device.

Mind you, Amazon’s deal is nowhere to be found at rival stores like Best Buy or Walmart. To top it off, you won’t even see the phone at the official store, where only its more contemporary family members are available. In other words, if you’re looking for a brand-new Motorola Edge under $300 in fully unlocked condition, this is definitely the deal you should act on.

For a smartphone, this is no spring chicken. But it would still give you a flagship-level experience, plus the handset will receive updates until 2026. And the more you look at its spec list, the better it gets! Let’s give you some context here.

The Motorola phone boasts a 6.7-inch pOLED screen with impressive 144Hz refresh rates. This makes movies and scrolling feel buttery smooth, plus there aren’t many other Android phones within that price bracket with such high frame refresh rates. The handset also supports HDR10 for an even more enjoyable viewing experience.

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You’ve also got a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset under the hood, which works alongside 8GB of RAM to deliver satisfying performance. You can expect reasonable gaming and multitasking capabilities. Let’s keep in mind that you also have 512GB of storage on deck, providing plenty of space for your digital hoarding obsessions.

The camera setup is reasonable for a sub-$300 phone, featuring a 50MP main sensor with OIS. When you also add the 4,800mAh battery in the package (which lasts about 8.5 hours of video streaming), you get a pretty decent phone indeed. If you agree with us, feel free to get yours straight from Amazon.

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