The way you handle your iPhone apps could be hurting battery life and performance

The way you handle your iPhone apps could be hurting battery life and performance

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Advancements in battery tech haven’t been keeping up with improvements in smartphones. This means that most top smartphones have to be charged every day and only a few can get through two days of use, but only if you are very careful. While manufacturers like Apple have their own tips for maximizing battery life, that hasn’t stopped people from coming up with hacks of their own and a new report has brought one to light that may actually be doing the opposite.

This important nugget of information is easy to ignore and you might not think much of it, but if it’s something that you do, you might want to drop the habit as you are not doing your iPhone any favor by closing apps.

There is a myth that closing apps running in the background improves performance and boosts battery life but that’s not true. When you move to a different app, apps that you were previously using are set to a suspended state in which they don’t use system resources.

Most apps use a very small amount of energy in the background, so you won’t gain much by closing them. In fact, it’s counterproductive to close apps as soon as you are done with them to conserve battery life as some experts believe more energy is required to load an app compared to jumping back into it.

Loading an app from scratch also means that it has to be initialized from storage, which theoretically makes your iPhone slower. 

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If you don’t like charging your iPhone very often, there are other steps you can take to make it last longer, including dimming the screen and enabling Low Power Mode.

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