The powerful Galaxy S24+ is a real steal during Samsung’s Discover Summer Sale; save on one while you can

The powerful Galaxy S24+ is a real steal during Samsung’s Discover Summer Sale; save on one while you can

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Samsung’s Discover Summer Sale is running at full force, allowing you to score awesome savings on a brand-new Galaxy device. For instance, one of Samsung’s Discover Summer Sale deals available right now is on the super-duper Galaxy S24+ with 512GB of storage space.

Under normal circumstances, this bad boy will set you back a whole $1,150. However, Samsung is offering it at a sweet $120 discount, allowing you to snag one for $999.99, the price of the 256GB model. Moreover, you can get a free Galaxy S24+ Anti-Reflecting screen protector with your purchase.

We advise you to download Samsung’s Shop app and get your new Galaxy S24+ through it, as you’ll be able to take advantage of an additional $100 price cut. To save even more, you can trade in your old smartphone, as Samsung offers up to $600 in instant trade-in credit.

The Galaxy S24+ is the perfect choice if you want a powerful phone with a large display but don’t want to overspend on the top-of-the-line S24 Ultra. Powered by a slightly overclocked high-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and 12GB of RAM, this bad boy can deal with anything. Additionally, it takes beautiful photos and can capture videos at up to 8K at 30fps.

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In terms of battery life, the device comes equipped with a 4,900 mAh power cell, delivering roughly 20 hours and 41 minutes of continuous web browsing on one charge. For streaming videos, you can expect it to last about eight hours and 20 minutes. As for playing games, you’ll get approximately six hours and 40 minutes of gameplay.

Overall, the Galaxy S24+ is worth every penny and can now be yours for way, way less than usual if you act quickly and take advantage of this wonderful Discover Summer Samsung Sale offer.

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