The new and thinnest iPad Pro M4 (2024) durability put to test: Can you bend it?

The new and thinnest iPad Pro M4 (2024) durability put to test: Can you bend it?

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I don’t know about you, but every time I watch JerryRigEverything, known for reviewing “technology from the inside,” dissecting some new gadget, my heart skips a beat – maybe even two. And now, the brand new iPad Pro M4 (2024) has landed in his hands, and actually, it held up better than expected.

The new iPad Pro M4 (2024) performs really well in extreme bend test

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After finally destroying the latest and greatest from Apple, the silver lining is that the new iPad Pro M4 (2024), despite being the slimmest Pro model ever made, holds its own against extreme force and appears quite resistant to bending under regular usage conditions.

The device held its ground when bent horizontally from the back, showing no visible or structural damage. However, when bent horizontally from the front, the glass screen separated from the frame, compromising the device’s water and dust resistance. Nevertheless, the hardware itself remained intact.

Yet, the iPad Pro M4 (2024) yielded to pressure much more readily when subjected to a vertical bend. This vulnerability could be attributed to the force acting against the axis of the new reinforced internal structure, coupled with the weaknesses of the charging port openings at the bottom.

The tester didn’t stop there; he also subjected the new iPad to other extreme conditions, such as holding a lighter to its screen for about 60 seconds. The outcome? Nothing – the screen remained undamaged.

After all, while the iPad Pro M4 (2024) isn’t invincible, it appears to be sturdier than expected for such a thin device. If you’re keen on ensuring your brand new iPad lasts as long as possible, which might be wise given its price tag, it’s best to handle it with care.

Consider carefully before tossing it into your backpack alongside heavy items like books or whatever you may bring along with you. And of course, investing in a protective case is always a smart move.

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