The Lenovo Tab M9 (2023) is once again the budget tablet to get for less than $100

The Lenovo Tab M9 (2023) is once again the budget tablet to get for less than $100

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Looking for a budget tablet for less than $100? Lenovo’s got you covered! Once again, the official store offers its entry-level slate with 64GB of storage under $100. The deal saves you $50 for your next media consumption device.

While this isn’t the best price we’ve ever seen for this device, it still deserves your attention. For one thing, neither Best Buy nor Amazon hold the same discounts. Another thing is that we don’t know just how long will keep this deal active, so you should act fast and get one before it’s too late (if you don’t mind the basic performance).

A plain option for everyday video streaming and web browsing, the Tab M9 certainly isn’t good enough to give the best tablets a run for their money. But do you really expect a high-end experience from a $99.99 tablet? We hardly think so. And if you’re looking for a flagship experience, consider a discounted Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra from Best Buy.

This bad boy has a 9-inch HD screen, making it pretty comfortable to hold and interact with. Dual Dolby Atmos-enhanced stereo speakers add to your video-watching experience. Things aren’t way too impressive under the hood, but undemanding apps should still run without too many annoying stutters.

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You have a MediaTek Helio processor, which pairs with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Rounding out the package is a 5,100mAh battery, providing plenty of juice for your relaxing activities.

Now, as you can see for yourself, this tablet is nothing far too impressive, inside and out. But if you don’t really need insane multitasking capabilities, jaw-dropping visuals, or a flagship processor, it could just be ideal. With its small screen, it’s even suitable for children. And it costs less than $100, so why not just get one for the whole family?

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