The JBL Clip 4 speaker is versatile, surprisingly powerful, and massively discounted right now

The JBL Clip 4 speaker is versatile, surprisingly powerful, and massively discounted right now

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How do you choose the best portable Bluetooth speaker for one’s needs and budget from so many amazing JBL options with phenomenally low prices, excellent sound quality, and stellar battery life? Deciding exactly how much money you’re willing to spend is certainly a good first step, possibly followed by a careful consideration of the utility and attractiveness of some of the most popular models out there.

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not everyone will find the JBL Clip 4, for instance, aesthetically pleasing. But if you do consider this to be a charmer or at the very least feel like you can live with its design for the sake of that handy integrated carabiner, now’s the time to pull the trigger at a massive 38 percent discount.

Regularly priced at $79.95, the Clip 4 can currently be yours for 30 bucks less than that in so many different color options that there’s really no point in listing them all. Basically, whatever hue you prefer, Amazon is ready to provide at a discount that’s not entirely unprecedented but that hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

We’re talking several months here, and although this new deal doesn’t quite match the e-commerce giant’s Black Friday 2023 promotion from November, it is incredibly close to reaching that high point once again.
By no means a direct rival for the likes of Apple’s HomePod mini or Amazon’s Echo family in terms of smart home skills and overall “smartness”, the “dumb” JBL Clip 4 can accompany you on your travels and blast some surprisingly loud and crisp JBL Original Pro Sound-powered tunes for up to 10 hours sans hugging a wall.

Capable of clipping on to your bag, belt, or buckle, this thing is ready to get the party started at the beach or your friendly neighborhood swimming pool, handling not just splashes but full-on water immersion in addition to dust and dirt with IP67 resistance. If that’s not an impressive list of features for (less than) 50 bucks, we don’t know what is.

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