The high-end AirPods Max enjoy a rare $99 price cut at Amazon, only for a limited time

The high-end AirPods Max enjoy a rare $99 price cut at Amazon, only for a limited time

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Looking for the ultimate Apple listening experience? You can now get it at lower-than-usual prices on Amazon, where the amazing AirPods Max enjoy a tempting $99 price cut. As you might know, this is quite a rare discount, which is probably why the seller will only keep it for a short while.

We can’t deny this headset is far from budget-friendly, even at 18% off. To our knowledge, however, it was last available at $99 off on Valentine’s Day! As if that’s not enough, neither Walmart nor Best Buy offer these high-end wireless Bluetooth headphones at an 18% markdown. So, if you don’t mind the investment and already own some Apple tech, these bad boys should absolutely be on your radar.

With their cutting-edge ANC technology, they rival the flagship Sony WH-1000XM5, which are much more contemporary (and cheaper). As for their design, the headphones may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Then again, they feature a dedicated button whose sole purpose is to activate the Transparency Mode. That’s a super practical shortcut that you’ll most likely use regularly.

The Apple option also provides a more balanced audio than the Sony headphones. So, if you want a clear and crisp sound without exaggerations in the bass and treble, these are definitely the choice. For a more bass-heavy sound, you’ll obviously have to pick the XM5. Let’s not forget that the AirPods Max also boast much better Spatial Audio than their more affordable rival.

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As for their battery life, the AirPods Max give you up to 20 hours of “alone” time with your music. Although not the best in terms of battery life, these aren’t disappointing, either.

Whether or not the AirPods Max are the right option for you is your call. All we can say is that they are now available at a rare 18% discount that will stay live for a limited time and most likely won’t come back any time soon. If you’ve decided to get them, make sure to take advantage of Amazon’s deal while it’s still live.

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