The Galaxy Z Fold 6 could also get a less visible crease, here’s how

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 could also get a less visible crease, here’s how

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Out of the two (or more) upcoming Samsung foldables this summer, we (and many others) find the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to be the more intriguing one.

It’s not a secret we’re not that thrilled about the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6. And how could we be, in the light of the disappointing state of Galaxy Z Flip 6 rumors that got us wondering if we should brace for a letdown?

It’s expected the Z Flip 6 to be only a minor update over the Z Flip 5. Despite last year’s improvements, the Z Flip 6 might struggle to stand out with only modest changes like a slightly larger external display and the same basic features.

Rumors indicate it will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip but might still include the unpopular Exynos chip in some markets. Charging speeds remain at 25W wired and 10W wireless, which is below the competition.

A potential 50MP camera upgrade could be a highlight, but overall, expectations for the Z Flip 6 remain low, with no significant innovations anticipated. This may leave Samsung vulnerable as the foldable market becomes increasingly competitive (ahem, OnePlus, Motorola).

However, there’s a thing that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 could bring to the table that will potentially boost the overall foldable experience. This same thing is now rumored to land on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and also make users way happier.

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It’s the crease

Yes, it’s true that Samsung improved the hinge mechanism with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 coming from the Z Flip 4, but… the display crease remained visible. In contrast, most of Samsung’s competitors have addressed this problem, with some models, like the OnePlus Open, Oppo Find N2 Flip, and Oppo Find N2, not having display creases at all.

Just the other day, a wild rumor appeared – Samsung may finally be ready to address the crease concern with the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Foldables are cool and flashy, but not without issues. One of the most requested improvements from users is the reduction of screen crease visibility.

According to a report, Samsung has decided to use a thicker Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) on the Galaxy Z Flip 6‘s foldable screen. Compared to the Galaxy Z Flip 5‘s UTG, which has a thickness of 30 microns, the Galaxy Z Flip 6‘s UTG is claimed to be 50 microns thick. This increase in thickness is expected to make the screen crease less visible and improve the display’s durability.

Apart from reducing the visibility of the screen crease, improved durability is also a positive change. Since foldable phones are new and have many moving parts, higher durability will always be welcomed. If this information is accurate, Samsung will finally be able to compete with foldables from Chinese brands, which are already crushing the game.

The report also claims that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will use the same waterdrop hinge as the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

It’s that same thicker UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) that’s now rumored to land on the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Well, we’re all for it!

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