The Fitbit online store could soon be replaced by the Google Store

The Fitbit online store could soon be replaced by the Google Store

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If you are a Fitbit user or contemplating purchasing a new Fitbit tracker or smartwatch from their website, you might be in for a surprise. Google, which acquired Fitbit back in 2019, has slowly been integrating the fitness brand into its own ecosystem. This means some changes for how you buy Fitbit devices.

Remember how Fitbit encouraged all its users to switch to Google account logins last year? Well, that was just the beginning. In March, Fitbit even rebranded itself as “Google Fitbit.” Now, it seems Google is taking things a step further by directing users to complete their purchases on the Google Store, as spotted by 9to5Google.

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So now, if you visit the Fitbit website to buy a new tracker, you’ll now be redirected and completing your purchase from the Google Store checkout instead. This isn’t exactly a surprise, though, considering most Fitbit devices are already available on the Google Store under the “Watches and Trackers” category. Additionally, Google recently started listing Fitbit accessories like bands and chargers on their store too.

While it seems likely that Google will eventually shut down the Fitbit online store altogether, it’s still up and running for now in the U.S.  This move likely won’t affect where you can buy Fitbit devices in the long run, as you’ll still be able to find them at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. However, Google would probably want you to buy directly from them anyway.

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Considering Google’s recent efforts of cutting expenses and combining teams, this move does make a lot of sense. There’s really no reason why the company would choose to maintain two different stores, one of which already offers all the products from the other. Also, when you think about how long it’s been since Google acquired the Fitbit brand, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to do this.

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