The excitement builds as Apple releases a schedule for WWDC 2024

The excitement builds as Apple releases a schedule for WWDC 2024

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Of course, we are really looking forward to seeing how AI is going to improve Siri. The virtual digital assistant will also generate AI-powered summaries and is supposed to be able to engage in more natural sounding conversations. Apple prefers that most of the AI be handled on-device, but more complex tasks will require the use of M2 Ultra-powered servers in cloud-based data centers. We have been told by those in the know that the iOS 18 update will be the biggest update in iOS history and the Keynote is where you will learn more about it.
Following the Keynote, at 1 pm PDT (4 pm EDT), Apple will hold the Platforms State of the Union during which the tech giant will give us a more detailed look at what’s happening with Apple’s various platforms including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, visionOS, and watchOS.
If you’re a developer and want to learn new tricks, you can sign up to view video sessions that Apple posts on the Apple Developer app, YouTube channel and website. You can install the Developer app by tapping on this link which will take you to the App Store. You can catch these videos by going to YouTube and the Apple Developer Channel. Make sure you subscribe to the channel in order to view the videos. There are some still up from last year’s WWDC event.

After the Keynote, Apple will post the schedule of its Labs which are open to current members of the Apple Developer Program and Apple Developer Enterprise Program, Swift Student Challenge winners 2022-2024, and Entrepreneur Camp alumni. Requests for the following day’s Labs shut at 6 pm PDT. It will be up to you to determine which Lab(s) are the best for your question and time window. Each consultation will run 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

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When you submit your request. Apple suggests adding:

  • Specific questions
  • Details about troubleshooting steps you’ve tried
  • Links to your app if available
  • Requests to discuss general topics, features, or APIs
  • Feedback IDs for related reports you’ve filed using Feedback Assistant

Apple says to make it clear what you’d like to discuss so that you can be matched up with the appropriate Apple expert. Also, “If your request is confirmed, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a Calendar invitation, Webex link, and other instructions by 10 p.m. PT the night before your consultation. You’ll also receive a notification from the Apple Developer app.” 

And don’t forget that the Developer Forums will allow you to chat with Apple developers and experts to get advice.

It’s getting exciting folks and we are less than two weeks away.

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