The end of free singing? Spotify might hide lyrics unless you pay

The end of free singing? Spotify might hide lyrics unless you pay

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One of the big names in music streaming, Spotify, might be making a change that is not going to sit well with its free users. Last September, Spotify started limiting access to its lyrics feature for some free users as part of a test. Now, after months of trying it out, it looks like the company is going ahead with this change.

You’re not paying? Sorry, no lyrics for you!

Some users over on Reddit have been talking about how Spotify is now hiding lyrics unless you shell out for a premium subscription. Yep, if you want to see the lyrics while jamming out, it looks like you’ll need to pay for Spotify Premium.

However, it seems like Spotify’s pulling the same move it does with other features on the free version. You know how it already limits you to six skips per hour and shuffled playback? Well, it looks like Spotify is adding a limit to accessing lyrics, too. So, every time you check out lyrics, it’ll count against your limit. But hopefully, it resets after a while.

Locking the lyrics behind a paywall might seem like a smart move for Spotify’s bottom line, but it’s starting to make the free version a bit of a headache to use. With all these restrictions piling up, it’s like the free tier’s turning into a glorified radio station – not much control and a whole lot of frustration, especially with the presence of ads.

Yet, in the last quarter of 2023, Spotify saw a big jump in its monthly active users, hitting 602 million, which was 23% higher than the previous year and even topped expectations by a cool million. Premium subscriptions also saw a solid 15% increase, reaching 236 million and beating forecasts by another million.

Now, in 2024, Spotify is setting its sights even higher, aiming at attracting even more Premium subscribers. So, it’s no surprise the Swedish company is trying out changes like locking lyrics behind a paywall. While this change isn’t widespread yet, keep an eye out – it might pop up on your free profile soon.

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