Telegram rolls out message effects, hashtag search, and more

Telegram rolls out message effects, hashtag search, and more

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Telegram, the popular messaging app, has just unveiled a range of exciting new features designed to enhance the chatting experience. These updates were announced via a post on the platform’s blog last week.

The most eye-catching addition is the introduction of animated message effects. Users can now add playful animations to their messages, ranging from hearts and flames to a variety of other fun options. These effects trigger when the recipient opens the message, adding an extra layer of expression and personality to conversations. Telegram Premium subscribers will have access to an even wider selection of animated effects, while non-Premium subscribers will be limited to use up to six.

Beyond animated messages, Telegram has made some significant improvements to media captions. Users now have the option to position captions above media, which is particularly useful for memes and images where the caption is integral to understanding the content.

For those who frequently interact with phone numbers within chats, Telegram has streamlined the process. Tapping on a phone number now presents a convenient menu with quick options to send a message, initiate a call, or add the number to your contacts.

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New Telegram updates | Credit: TelegramĀ 

Hashtags, a staple of social media, have also received an upgrade. Now, when you tap on a hashtag, you’ll not only see relevant messages from your chats but also from large public channels. This expansion of hashtag functionality makes it easier to discover trending topics and connect with broader communities.Telegram has also acknowledged the preference for concise messaging by introducing collapsible quote blocks. This feature allows users to hide longer quotes or text fragments within a collapsible block, making chats less cluttered and easier to navigate. Those interested in reading the full quote can simply expand the block.

Finally, Telegram users on macOS can now enjoy enhanced video calls with new dynamic backgrounds and animations. These visual improvements not only make calls more visually appealing, but also claim to consume fewer system resources.

Telegram’s latest update introduces a wide array of features that cater to various user preferences, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the app.

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