TCL CSOT shows off the world’s first tri-foldable phone that opens to reveal a 7.85-inch screen

TCL CSOT shows off the world’s first tri-foldable phone that opens to reveal a 7.85-inch screen

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Back in 2019, TCL displayed a non-working prototype of a tri-foldable smartphone. When the device was fully open, it formed a tablet-sized 10-inch screen. Now, five years later, TCL CSOT (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology) introduced the first tri-foldable phone that delivers a 7.85-inch screen when fully open. The device was on display today at the SID (Society for Information Display) 2024 exhibition held in San Jose, California. The phone uses the tri-fold display, which TCL has named “Free-type,” to fold into “G” and “Z” shaped configurations. When fully flattened, the 7.85-inch display features an aspect ratio in line with a typical tablet.
One of the problems with older tri-foldable smartphone prototypes has been with their thickness. According to My Drivers, TCL’s tri-foldable phone is only 427 microns thick. Using a Sensor under panel (SUP) design, 3D facial recognition can be handled by sensors that are hidden under the foldable screen. And since it is 3D facial recognition, it is secure enough to verify the user’s identity for mobile payments, unlock the device, and more. Both the normal display area and the region of the display hosting the SUP design have a pixel density of 420PPI allowing users to experience a uniform display without any changes in the quality of the screen.

The display also supports an LTPO-driven variable refresh rate that varies from 1-120Hz depending on the content being shown on the screen. With the tri-fold display, the phone not only provides users with an enhanced gaming experience but can also help them achieve enhanced productivity and creativity. The display also features low power consumption and is durable.

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