T-Mobile disables chat option after getting swarmed with messages about price change

T-Mobile disables chat option after getting swarmed with messages about price change

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T-Mobile announced last week that prices for some legacy plans were going up, breaking its promise of never raising rates. Since this commitment was one of the main reasons why many subscribers were with the carrier in the first place, they are understandably fuming with anger at the broken commitment and are even considering switching to another carrier.T-Mobile was allegedly expecting a backlash. The company took several measures to ensure angry customers don’t overwhelm frontline workers and support staff. For instance, the company tried to justify the price increase, which is $2 or $5 depending on your plan for each line, by saying only a small number of its customers would be affected.

The company also increased staffing levels at physical locations and asked managers to be present for the full duration of their shifts.

The carrier even staggered the sending of messages notifying subscribers about the price change throughout the day so that the number of people visiting its stores to inquire about the change or contacting it via phone calls would be manageable.

Another step has now been taken to relieve workers of having to deal with frustrated customers: the online chat option has been removed. As Reddit user indyodie notes, the website no longer has the chat option and if you use the app, you will be given a call instead.

indyodie also says that a T-Mobile supervisor told them that the chat capabilities were removed because the company couldn’t keep up with chat requests, which have presumably risen in the last few days.

Whether this will work to deflate the anger of customers or disappoint them even more remains to be seen, but this is another example of how T-Mobile is not handling the situation well.

Already, there’s a lot of confusion over which plans have gone up in price, with T-Mobile dealing the matter on a case-to-case basis.

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