T-Mobile confirms major 5G network upgrades in Louisiana

T-Mobile confirms major 5G network upgrades in Louisiana

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T-Mobile has invested a lot in 5G network upgrades in Louisiana in the last couple of years. Earlier this week, the carrier revealed that it has finally completed major 5G network upgrades in Louisiana worth no less than $290 million.

Thanks to the expansion of the 5G network coverage and the upgrades implemented over the years, faster internet speeds will be available for businesses, schools, healthcare providers, first responders, as well as all the rest of the T-Mobile customers in the area.

As of today, T-Mobile’s 5G service covers 99 percent of interstate highways, US highways, and state routes across Louisiana. During the upgrades, about 300 new cell sites have been added along with 1,870 upgrades to existing ones.

Besides that, 92 percent of Louisiana’s residents now have access to Mid Band-Ultra Capacity 5G, up 192 percent in just three years.

Our multi-year effort to enhance 5G connectivity across Louisiana is already bringing new opportunities for growth through enhanced speeds and better reliability in more places than ever before,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, president of technology, T-Mobile.

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Last but not least, T-Mobile revealed that the $290 million investment for the 5G network upgrades across Louisiana includes $50 million towards an upgrade in its 5G service in the Greater New Orleans.

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