T-Mobile celebrating Mint purchase with new and upgraded perks for customers

T-Mobile celebrating Mint purchase with new and upgraded perks for customers

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After courting Ka’ena Corporation, the owner of Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and Plum for a little over a year, T-Mobile finally got the blessings of the FCC last week to go ahead with its purchase. 

T-Mobile today announced the completion of the acquisition and has hailed it as a win-win for all parties. The company believes that the purchase will allow Mint and Ultra to serve even more prepaid customers and it will benefit from Mint’s marketing strategies. 

Naturally, the carrier is ecstatic and wants to celebrate by announcing freebies and new offers for Mint and Ultra customers. Starting now and over the next few months, T-Mobile will roll out upgraded perks for existing and future Mint and Ultra customers and it will also announce some new offers.

Firstly, T-Mobile says it will keep Mint Mobile’s $15/month plan for both current and new customers. On top of that, Mint has committed to continue its offer of 3 months of Unlimited Premium Wireless for $15 per month for new customers through the end of the year.

Mint and Ultra customers should expect a feature called Scam Screen that will flag sketchy calls as “Scam Likely” on their phone’s ID.

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Mint Mobile users will also soon be able to enjoy unlimited talk and text as well as 3GB of high-speed data when they are in Canada. Another feature that will be rolled out in the coming weeks is Mexico roaming for Ultra customers, giving an enhanced data roaming option to travelers in addition to Talk and Text, which is already a part of most plans.

That’s not all though, as T-Mobile says that over time it will continue to find even more ways to make the customer experience better for Mint and Ultra customers. Let’s see if it will keep its word and prove those who opposed the deal wrong. 

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