Sweet Lenovo Tab M9 (2023) deal gives you entertainment on budget

Sweet Lenovo Tab M9 (2023) deal gives you entertainment on budget

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Are you looking for a cheap entertainment device suitable for the whole family? Well, the Lenovo Tab M9 (2023) is one option to consider. This Android tablet typically costs just $150, but the official store now sells it at $40 off.


Although not unique, the discount is still much appreciated, especially because it saves you money off the 4/64GB model, not the base version. To our knowledge, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart don’t host the same discounts. Your only alternative to Lenovo’s offer is a less exciting $29 price cut on the base storage model with a Folio Case at Amazon.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Tab M9 strikes an ideal balance between affordability and quality. Granted, this bad boy isn’t good enough to take some of the best budget tablets down. But if you need something simple and cheap with a compact form factor, the Lenovo option won’t disappoint you.
Smaller than the 10th Gen iPad, this puppy features a compact 9-inch HD screen, making it super portable. There are also dual Dolby Atmos-enhanced speakers on deck, giving you satisfactory audio quality and making your streaming experience more immersive.

Under the hood, you have an octa-core MediaTek processor doing its magic. Right off the bat, we should note that this device isn’t powerful enough to handle extensive gaming or multitasking. It should be perfectly suitable for day-to-day interactions and not much else.

Unlike the Galaxy Tab S8, this slate features neither dual cameras on the back nor can it record videos in 4K. So, if the not-so-impressive camera configuration is a deal breaker, you should probably look for your next entertainment machine elsewhere. On the bright side, this Lenovo tablet gives you plenty of battery life, plus a microSD card for storage expansion.

The Tab M9 (2023) is a great option for cash-strapped Android fans. It certainly has some drawbacks, such as the entry-level performance. But if that’s no issue, it can make a perfect day-to-day companion for the entire family, all the more so now that it’s $40 cheaper.

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