Starting in June, some Verizon customers will pay 50% more each month for their smartwatch plan

Starting in June, some Verizon customers will pay 50% more each month for their smartwatch plan

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Verizon informed customers today that starting on June 3rd, it will be raising the price of cellular service for the Apple Watch and other cellula- enabled timepieces by 50%. With that hefty increase, the price will go from $10 per month to $15 per month. If you have a discount, such as the 50% off promotion given to customers on the for customers on Unlimited Plus and Ultimate plans, the price increase will be tempered by the promotional discount.

Verizon noted in the email that it sent its customers on Thursday that the price hike will allow it to continue improving its service. The email reads, “To continue improving our industry-leading network and services, the price of select Smartwatch data plans will change as of June 3, 2024. In addition to all watch plans giving you the freedom to stay connected, unlimited plans using number share now also include unlimited calling, texting, and data to, from, and within Canada and Mexico.”

The nation’s largest wireless provider added that “Each of the watch lines will increase in price by $5/month. If any of your watch lines include a discount, such as 50% off connected devices on our current Unlimited Plus and Ultimate plans, that discount will remain and be applied to the new pricing.”

If you’re not happy about the price hike, you might want to try Verizon’s Visible pre-paid service. With no retail stores, everything you need to do can be accomplished using the Visible app. While Visible does use the Verizon 4G and 5G network, the Visible+ plan costs $45 per line, and smartwatch service is included with Visible+ at no extra charge.

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