Spotify’s lossless audio rumored to arrive very soon … again

Spotify’s lossless audio rumored to arrive very soon … again

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Spotify’s lossless audio feature hasn’t been released yet despite being announced a few years ago. Although every few months new reports surface that claim lossless audio is about to get released, the ever-surprising Spotify disappoints us.

The latest rumor claiming Spotify’s lossless feature is about to be released comes from Reddit (via The Verge). Screenshots of the app’s UI published by Redditor OhItsTom suggest that the music streaming service has decided to rebrand Spotify Hi to Lossless.

According to the screenshots, the quality of lossless audio will be going up to 2,117kbps on the “Supremium” plan, whereas the current bitrate is limited to a maximum of 320kbps. That will consume nearly 16MB of data per minute.

The lossless audio feature will also include listening support of up to 24-bit/44.1kHz, which will only be available for “limited songs” via the FLAC audio format.

Even if the large majority of listeners won’t be able to tell the difference between standard and lossless audio (unless they’re musicians), it’s truly surprising that Spotify hasn’t been able to release such a feature considering that its competitors (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal) already offer this benefit.

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Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if the new version of lossless audio will go through another iteration or Spotify finally decides to give it the green light.

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