Spotify rolls out a new, exclusive font

Spotify rolls out a new, exclusive font

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Spotify says their team never stops “when it comes to building an experience that reflects the vibrancy and creativity of our community”.

In other words, they’re introducing a new, exclusive font they’re calling Spotify Mix.

The new bespoke typeface Spotify Mix replaces the current font used in Spotify’s in-app and desktop experiences. It has begun rolling out to listeners on Spotify in all languages with Latin-based scripts, as well as Vietnamese.

This is what Rasmus Wängelin, Global Head of Brand Design at Spotify, has to say about it:

To design this typeface, Spotify’s team broke free from “traditional typographic constraints” and “merged elements from a variety of font styles”. This approach mirrors the dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture over the years, according to them.

The result is a sans-serif typeface that blends features from both classic and contemporary styles, creating a “distinctive and unique” look. The shapes of sound waves are “subtly incorporated” to evoke a rhythmic feel.

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