Spotify may launch remixing tools for Premium subscribers

Spotify may launch remixing tools for Premium subscribers

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The trend of remixing popular songs is good and bad at the same time for artists, especially those who choose not to involve themselves in this new trend. Spotify is one of the platforms that distributes remixes made by ordinary people who like to speed up, mash up and edit songs from their favorite artists.In fact, Spotify plans to release tools specifically designed to help its users make remixes, Wall Street Journal reports. According to sources familiar with Spotify’s plans, the streaming company’s upcoming tool will require a Premium subscription.

Besides that, Spotify is said to provide those who are willing to pay for a “super-premium” tier with full access to the upcoming features. More importantly, Spotify won’t allow those who create remixes using its tools to share them on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. Basically, these remixes will remain exclusive to Spotify.

The good news is Spotify plans to make some changes to how royalties for these remixes are paid. Those who upload remixes to Spotify are paid according to the number of listens, which means royalties don’t usually go to the artist, unless that’s also the person who uploaded the remixes.

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The upcoming “official remixes” will change that making it possible for artists to receive royalties even if they didn’t create the remixes based on their songs. It remains to be seen how much they will receive and whether or not those making the remixes will still be paid for their “official remixes.”

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