Spotify ditches black border for classic app icon on Android

Spotify ditches black border for classic app icon on Android

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Spotify is updating its Android app to remove the border around its icon, reverting to the classic look it had before the change made five years ago.

For years, Spotify’s Android app was just a simple circle featuring the Spotify logo. However, in 2019, the Swedish company added a black border around it to support adaptive icons that could change shape.

It seemed logical at the time, but if your phone had circular icons, the addition of the border looked rather odd. Now that adaptive icons are less common on Android, Spotify has decided to revert the icon to its original form.

So, in the recent update, version, Spotify has begun releasing a revised Android icon, removing the black border. On devices featuring a circular icon shape, such as Pixel phones, the icon now showcases the Spotify logo, filling the entire space.

This adjustment applies to both unthemed and themed icons, although the themed version may not blend seamlessly with other icons.

But just to clarify, the new icon style only applies (for now) to devices with circular icons. So, if you are rocking a Samsung Galaxy or any other device with different icon shapes, you’ll still see that black border around the Spotify logo as before.

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In other news, Spotify has introduced a new font called Spotify Mix, which is exclusively for its platform. On another note, it is putting the brakes on Car Thing. By the end of 2024, all Car Thing units will be disabled. But, don’t worry if you’ve got one – it will keep working until December 9, 2024. Following some user backlash, Spotify is now offering refunds for Car Thing, but you will need to show proof of purchase.

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